The only thing you need to succeed in life

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.
Bruce Lee

Be like him…

Do you control life, or life controls you?

If you are focused on what you do you control your life.
Otherwise life controls you.

To be really focused is one of the most difficult achievement in life.

That’s  why so many people fail to get what they want.

You and me are the people….you know what I am talking about.

To be focused it’s a habit that requires a lot of commitment, time and…well…focus.

So, why it is so difficult to be focused even thought we recognize its importance?

First of all not many people are aware of the power of focus.

It’s part of the human nature to lose focus, to get distracted.

Usually the most we like the task the most we can keep our focus; but most of the times we still need to be concentrated.

Make this exercise, whatever you are doing (a report, writing, eating) try to focus only on that activity for 20-30minutes.

Difficult, isn’t it?

How many times we started writing that email or report and by the end of day it is not  completed yet?

So the tasks cumulated, we stay in the office until 800pm and we have the impression that nothing got done.

Well… actually because you really got nothing done, because you wasted your day losing the focus, switching to another activity, losing again the focus and switching again.

Think about it, the huge amount of time you waste during the switching.
Be real, you cannot spend one day just answering some emails and writing 1 page of report.

Typically because after 5 minutes you are working on the report you jump to another email, conf call, browsing the news and check out the latest news about Ronaldo Girlfriend…

Ok…I let you now to lose the focus for 14 minutes and watch the below video…you will find yourself there…



Focus gives direction to your life

Focus is essential to get the things completed and in the right way.

Focus is essential to put the right attention on what you are doing.

Without focus our life is jumping from one task to another, without direction.

And without directions you cannot go nowhere and get anything done.

To achieve things and create value you need focus. If you want to play an instruments or read an essay you need to allocate time for it and just being focus on it.

Don’t think that if you don’t get the right focus on something it necessary means you don’t like it.
(Generally because when you like something time flies doing it).

I love running and writing but I still need to be very disciplined to allocate the time for these activities.

I love running but I can tell you that most of the time I would rather stay in the bed than hitting the road at 5.30am in a rainy day.

But once in the run…it’s fantastic, the focus and the pleasure it’s there.
The same for writing and in general for everything I love.

Again, don’t be deceived about identifying your passions in watching TV, playing games or surfing the web because when you are doing it “time flies” and you are very focused.

When you watch TV, play games or browse the web time flies because your brain is off as a result of the very addictive nature of those things.  

Don’t be fooled…trillions of dollars are spend on  designing video games, social networks and  everything else on screens highly addictive  to increase our screen time.

Those things are highly addictive like alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Just look around you people literally glued on their phone if you don’t believe me…

Practice focus

The new you
The new you

Practice focus: start small, on the daily activities: when you eat don’t watch TV or be on the phone, just eat; when you start an email just don’t do anything else until completion.
Let the phone ring (unless it is a very important customer or a real emergency) and check the voice message later.

Commit 10 min of focus on one activity and gradually increase to 15-20-30 minutes.
The goal here is to allocate a timeframe for an activity and complete it in the decided timeframe.

Thirty minutes for a report, 30 minutes for emails , 1 hour exercising etc. with no interruption.

By the end of the day the results will be astonishing: the important report completed, the inbox clean and your workout done.

Be beamed focus in everything you do; you will reach your goals and the world will be yours!

That’s my promise.

2 Replies to “The only thing you need to succeed in life”

  1. I believe focus is very important for success. And you need to focus across a spectrum of time spans.

    Daily focus is important to get tasks completed for that day.

    There is also the need for focus for longer term goals. Want to save for the purchase of your first house? You need to focus on budgeting and saving for the down payment, closing costs, furnishing and moving expenses.

    Want a nice retirement? You need to focus on saving, investing and planning.

    It is impossible to achieve those goals without a level of focus.

    1. Exactly…

      We need focus in every instant of our lives…from the moment we wake up (after we had a solid 8h sleep) until we go back to bed.

      Saying no to distractions and waste of time.

      Unfortunately most of the people are trapped in the Netflix, Screen trap…and they waste their life (every aspect of it: finance, health, wealth, relationships etc etc)…

      No focus…no results…no success…

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