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There are tons of excellent material out there in terms of blogs…material…tools…


Let’s see some:



The list is long but the one below are my Favorites


Invest only in Index Funds Stocks-Bonds…

As I explained here: Stay away from Individual Stocks!

If you are based in the USA just stick with one of these Giant Investment Companies…they offer the best products at lowest fee.

If you start from zero do some homework keeping in mind that the choice should be mainly driven from fee and tax on capital gains of the Mutual Funds.

The Giants are:


Again, it’s very complicated to explain which one can be the better fit for your needs, in my view all of them offer outstanding products and services.

The important is that you start saving NOW if not done yet….don’t let the analysis paralysis stopping you.

Depend on your location you can find these 3 Companies in your Country as well.