How much life do you really live?

Is it blurred. Isn’t it?

How much life do you really live and how much do you waste?

Yes of course you are busy.

You are the busiest in the world right?

Think again

The biggest reason why you have the sensation not to have time is only because you  (waste) too much time on screens doing NOTHING

You don’t believe me right?

Look at this video:

Only in the USA people spend almost 11 hours per day in front of screen…

The effects are devastating:

1.      We achieve nothing in our life 

Doing something  with all free time wasted in front of a screen it’s practically impossible.

(Setting your goals (Oh no…there I go again!!!))

  2.      Health 

Screen time has huge negative effects on your health like:

  • Weight gain (unsurprisingly!)
  • Hearth disease
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Posture related diseases to shoulder, neck, back
  • Cancer (sitting is the new smoking…I am sure you already heard this)
  • Vision: blurred vision, vision loss, dry eyes

3.       Devastating negative impact on Kids

It’s imperative to limit the screen time to children who are several times more vulnerable to the devastating effect of screen time on the brain and on the body.

Just think that:

Three-quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates

Kids are practically not playing outside anymore.

Just ask any sport shop selling tennis rackets or soccer equipment.

Kids are playing sports but in video games…that’s it.

According to a recent study, 92 percent of babies had used a mobile device before their first birthday. Nearly 35 percent have their own mobile device at age 2 and that number is 75 percent among 4-year-olds

Especially for preteen and teenagers the  brain goes through major changes and the impacts of the screen is devastating on attention disorders (if you have a kid you can experience it everyday), emotions and personality, creativity, self-confidence, learning and social skills and sports.

In 2010, researchers found that kids who logged more than two hours a day in front of a computer or TV screens had a higher chance of psychological difficulties on a standard questionnaire.

 4.   Highly addictive

Do you notice how addict you are on checking continuously your phone, email, wearable etc.?

It’s call addiction.

Every  year trillions of dollars are invested in R&D of screen makers to keep you glued on their device.

User Experience is called, I call it addiction.. and a nasty one.

5.  Pathetic: Losing human relations

There are no restaurants where I don’t  see pathetic couple or group of friends not talking and just glued to their phone.

That’s sad…and as said pathetic.

6. Dangerous

Text and drive anyone?

Or text and walking…(now forbidden in some countries finally!)

7.  Stupid 

We spend hours doing stupid and useless stuff on the phone, not looking for the cure of cancer.

We need to stop and right now.

How to reduce the screen time

Decide right now the screen time that is absolutely essential.

In my opinion that’s teh max you should allocate:

  • Facebook: 5 minutes
  • Twitter: 5 minutes
  • LinkedIn: 10 minutes
  • Instagram: 5 minutes
  • Personal E-mail: 10 minutes
  • Mindless Browsing: 5 Minutes
  • News Reading: 10 Minutes
  • Financial, Economy: 15 Minutes
  • Blogging (amateur…otherwise is considering job): 20 minutes
  • Others (Redditt, Pinterest etc.): 15 minutes

Total:  1h – 40m per day.

This should be your max screen time per day.

Be very clear on when you will use your screen time (e.g. Instagram only immediately after dinner or never)  and STICK to the plan.

Live back your life…right now..please…

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