How to stop Being Miserable in Your job

Is He You?

Many people   spend most of their time working in a job as an employee.

If you spend most of your live doing one thing you better love it.

Otherwise you are wasting our life
And the bad news is that you have only one life.

But many people hate their job and they stick with it because they think they cannot do or deserve anything better; in a word: because of fear of change

(The most dangerous place to be: The Comfort Zone).

This is the fastest path to misery and this is why many people today are, well… miserable:

  • Poor
  • Sick
  • Sad
  • Mentally limited
  • Stressed
  • Small inside
  • Selfish

Yes…just because they don’t like their job?

Am I exaggerating?


If you spend 8-10 hours a day in a place, with  people and doing something  you hate what do you think is the effect on your body and brain?

Something negligible?

Open you eyes.

Understand that, NO, it’s not normal to have a miserable existance because everyone has it in a miserable job surrounded by miserable everything.

If you are not happy in your job I am not suggesting here to drop it and just run away (even thought I am sure you will be better off than in your present situation).

Deferring your happiness in the weekend or in the 3-4 weeks off a year is not living, it’s wasting your life.

And this is not an option for somebody like you who decided to be happy (as I hope you did if you are reading this blog).

You must love your job

What is important to understand here is the verb: must.

Hating your job => hating your life => you must change the game.

You don’t have any other options.

But I really hate my job“, “It is impossible to find a job I like” , ” A job it is only a way to bring money home!

….I know your comments…

“But I really hate my job”

In life we avoid what we hate in 95% of the cases.
We don’t eat that dish or buy that car we hate.
The decision is up to us.

So ask yourself why you picked that  job that you hate.

I doubt that somebody pointed a gun to your head and forced you to accept that job offer.

Very likely you studied decades to get the qualifications of that job.

Very likely you were very excited when you got that job offer.

Very likely you are the one who designed all this.

You built the cage that is trapping you now.

Ask if you hate your job  from the beginning or the initial enthusiasm faded away.
Ask yourself why it faded away and how to renew it.

What changed in your job? The job? You? Both?

Don’t leave any of these questions unanswered.

Changing job is perfectly normal, you indeed need to change it once in a while.

Hating it is not normal.

“It is impossible to find a job I like”

Sure, but…do you know what you like?

Even if this question sounds trivial (” Of course I know what I like!” ) it is not.
If you really know what you like (what you really like… 21 Minutes to Learn How to be Happy Doing What You Love) and you are not scared to attain it you will work toward that goal, consciously or unconsciously.
But if the fear prevails, you will be stuck in a job you don’t like.

You will discover that what you really like it’s not necessary laying on a beach or partying all day long but something more meaningful.
And you already know it, you laid down on that beach and partied long enough to get bored at some point…

Find what you like, let the fear go and take actions!

” A job is only a way to bring money home!”

Yes, a job is a way to bring money home and very likely you need that money.


1) If you  really need that job to bring money home you  need to do your best to like it !
2) Again, there are plenty of jobs you can like, You don’t need to be stuck in a 9-5 hell,

Even if you don’t want to change your job because you cannot find another one with a better salary now, this strategy doesn’t pay off.
In the long run if you are doing a job you really like the results will be better so the money.

I know it for sure, I followed the money twice in my career and it didn’t pay off, at all.

Focus and Commitment: go to Eleven!

Go to Eleven!

So, please go ahead with clear objectives; what it really matters is:

  1. Your job description
  2. Your boss
  3. Job Location
  4. Money

If you don’t like one of the four your job will become a hell, so your life.

Without clear objectives and passions you are just squandering your life.
Especially if you are young, follow the passion instead of the money.

As I mentioned, I once made the mistake to accept a job I didn’t like but with better salary than another one I liked more.
Believe me, I am still paying the consequences for such mistake.
Had I followed my passion very likely I would have had a faster career path and more satisfactions.

It’s all in the passions, in what we really like.

You will be never successful in a field or position you don’t like.
In your job always give 110%. Always, also if you don’t like it.
This is the only way to get advanced (why should you get a promotion or more money if you are just doing your job?).
This is the only way to be fair with your employer (yes it matters!), for your professionalism and dignity.

In every realms of your life always give 110%, adopt that as your lifestyle.
Always give an outstanding commitment in everything you do; no matter your job, exercising, loving your wife or getting things done.

This is a great habit to cultivate, all your life.

Go to eleven…for real!

2 Replies to “How to stop Being Miserable in Your job”

  1. I agree that once you are miserable at your job, you should get away as quickly as possible. I tell people at my company from other teams who seek my advice that once you are not happy, talk to your manager. If your manager can’t do much to change the circumstance that is making you unhappy, then leave. Life is too short in spending so much of your time at a place you are miserable at.

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