Five Steps to Love and be Loved by Everyone

Could you be loved?

If I love one aspect of the social media world is how it made clear that the priority of most of the people is to have friends (followers) rather than being a friend.

Let’s try with why:

The only  think people want is recognition.

Very few people want to be a real friend… to establish sincere friendships in the online and offline world.

Thus there are billions of people thinking they have thousands of friends while nobody is friend of nobody.

Empathy is what can save the world, seriously.

We have to restart building our relationships, creating real time for real actions for real interactions.

Because we don’t have time anymore.

How can we start?

1) Reduce screen time

We already talked about it no much more to discuss about it: stolen by the screen time.

2) Give honest appreciation to people.

Think deeply about people around you. think about their actions, how many good things they do at work, as parents, in the aspects of sports, arts , volunteering.

Don’t just give a fake like on their post in the social media.

People understand how fake you are.

Write instead a real message where you express your appreciation.

3) Be interested in what they do.

Stop being self centered.

Stop your arrogance.

Stop talking about you all day long.

The bad news?

People are not s interested in you.

People are interested in them…like you are interested in you.

Try to be instead sincerely interested in what other people do, in their interests, passion, love.

You will find a different and fantastic world.

The real world.

The world of people.

Of passions, stories, emotions.

And you will grow with it instead to remain your small me, confined in your micro world made of selfishness.

In the blogosphere there are 90%+ people absolutely self-centered, interested only that you read them and click on their ads, arrogantly thinking they, and only they, have something to tell you and you have to just listen because they think they are cool.

Be gentle and sincere.

Don’t be like them, you are better than them.

4) Stop complaining or criticizing.

The last think we want is someone popping in our lives telling us how badly we are doing our role of employee, son, father, friend etc.

Why so many people criticize then?

Because they think they are superior.

They want to control and humiliate other people to change them or just to validate their points of view because they feel insecure.

Great mistake.

Be humble instead, never criticize, even thought you might have a valid point during an argument with somebody.

5) Listen.

People don’t listen and if they do without empathy.
I don’t.
Very likely you don’t neither.
We are too busy to think exclusively about ourselves that we don’t simply care about what other people have to say.

Simply because we don’t care about people.

Nobody don’t care about anybody.

And this behavior got worst and worst with the advent of the screen.

Before kids were playing in the streets and in the fields.
They were climbing the trees and creating real relationships and friendship scratching their knees playing football or soccer.

Today the only thing they do is playing on their phones.
You see them sitting, without talking, immersed in their screens, isolated from everything.’
They don’t care to have friends.
All they want is the pixels on the screens.
They have no interest to listen to you, they have no interested to listen to anybody.

Stop this craziness right now

Put the phone down and start talking and listening to the hearth of other people.

They will do the same with you

Rebuild relationships.

That’s what you need, not another fake like on an horrible picture you posted on your social

Nobody cares about it.
In the same way you didn’t care about the last like you gave to somebody.

Let’s get all real, the world need us, right now.
Be a linchpin not a cog. (thanks Seth)

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