How to reach the Max results with minimum effort (or almost)

Maybe some of you have heard about Vilfredo Pareto or the 80%-20% law.

Mr. Pareto in the beginning of the 20th century observed that roughly 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people and that a similar proportion was valid for the other countries.
As of today this unequal distribution is more and more valid (some studies show that 40% of total asset in the world are owned by 1% of population).

The same law applies in business; usually 80% of revenues of a firm come from 20% of the customer.

How does it apply to our life?

Think about the results (positive or negative) you got from your life (personal, business).

Can you see the correlation?

Every day, every morning, focus on the 20% causes that produce 80% of your results; put more attention on the positive 20% and eliminate the negative 20%.

In my case I noticed that keeping an open mind and networking actively and sincerely (really caring about people and co-workers) made me found very good job opportunities (other people offered it to me, I didn’t even need to searching it) that I would never found just sending resumes around (80% of efforts!)

Me after the job offer

On the negative side: exercising and kicking 1-2 small bad habits produced a great benefits on my health.
Moreover; complaining (How to stop Complaining for good in 9 days) creates more than 80% of the troubles and limitations in our life.

Eliminate it right now!

We need to deeply understand what is really important on our life and focus on it.
This would mean to cut some activities at work (some people will complain but stick with the principle) or sacrifices (cutting TV is an ideal!).

But I can assure the results will be astonishing.

Wake up with a crystal clear picture of what it really matters and work on it; eliminate the inessential and reach your goals, the one that really matters.

Your 20% …our friend Pareto would be very happy.

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