Black Friday: 5 Reasons why you need to resist spending

Happy Thanksgiving!  (if you care)

Poor Turkey…


Surely enough you care about this….


Isn’t ?



Ok…let’s start with the definition (thanks Wikipedia)

…that retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss for most of the year (January through November) and made their profit during the holiday season, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving.[7] When this was recorded in the financial records, once-common accounting practices would use red ink to show negative amounts and black ink to show positive amounts. Black Friday, under this theory, is the beginning of the period when retailers would no longer be “in the red”, instead taking in the year’s profits…

So…what’s the link of Black Friday with big sales and the push you to spend…?


Just another day created to make you waste your hard-earned money (like Christmas, Valentine day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Teacher’s day,  Your Neighbor day (last one I made it up but I am pretty sure they will invent it soon). 

The word today is:


Yes…like him

Why? 5 Reasons…

1        You save 20% to spend 30% more

Black Friday is a big, fat bait.
Attracted by the 90% off Laptop (that most of the time gets sold in 5 minutes) you enter in the store (online or offline) and…voila…you exited with ten objects that you absolutely didn’t need it but you bought them just because they were 40% off…! (tell me the truth…how many memory cards or disk dusting in your drawer do you have…?).

2         You can find better deals

Make an experiment…just check the price of a product during the Black Friday Sale…the regular price when it’s not on sale and track the price during following 6-8 months after Black Friday.
You will be surprised…

If you don’t want to wait just read this study from NerdWallet:

In a NerdWallet analysis of 27 Black Friday advertisements, 25 retailers listed at least one product for the exact same price in 2014 as in their 2013 Black Friday ad. That means 93% of retailers are repeating Black Friday products—and prices—from year to year.

Surprised, right?

3      You are going to buy old stuff

Yes..yes…the brand new TV is 80% off but very likely they have only 2 in stock!

The rest of the items are older items (usually the previous year) that will be on sale anyway.

You will end up buying this one…

4    Black Friday Day last more than one month

Already in the end of October we start seeing the Black Friday month deals…then the Black Friday day deals… then the Black Friday day deals…then the Cyber Monday deals…then…the Christmas period sale…then the New Year day sale…

If everything is always on sale every time…where is the deal?


5        Because you are in debts and need to reach Financial Independence ASAP

You wanna keep these money…

You know that.

You don’t need to put another $500 on your credit card to buy junk that will clutter your house.

So…take a full breathe…turn off the computer…smart phone (only exception valid my blog…:-)) and go for a run…walk.

You will be back richer and happier…




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