The most important concept in life

One of the most important concept I learnt  in life is.

First Things First

(no matter what)

It seems logical but…still…we procrastinate…we don’t have the right focus (The only thing you need to succeed in life)

And we don’t succeed…

First Things are the most important things for your life; the only ones  that really matter.

Typically First Things are:

  • Exercising
  • Actions to reach personal goals (whatever they are)
  • Saving and Investing  Money
  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Educate yourself
  • Finish (excellently) all the tasks at your job (if you have one)

That’s it…nothing more…nothing less.

The rest is only noise.


How many times did you schedule to exercise (How to avoid to die young)  after work and inevitably skipped ?

Work is an insatiable animal, it devours our time; the last call or email typically takes 2 hours and we end up leaving the office at 8.00pm.                                                                             So long exercising or read that book that sits on our night table for 1 year!

What you need to realize is that everyone wants our time and money and most of the time exclusively for their benefit.

Saving money  is the same (The 3 simple habits to Reach Financial Freedom) ; if you wait the end of the month saying “I will save what I will not spend this month” very likely you will end up saving a lot less (if zero) than if you had immediately (after you got your paycheck) transferred some money to a saving account.

You and me know right…?


You need action, focus and discipline

If you start our day scheduling the “First Things” we will be sure to move on in life.

Don’t do like this guy…(yes I love him…)

This means waking up before everyone else and setting up 2-3 hours to complete the tasks.

Reading or writing that book (or blog) or concentrate on your next business with kids, wife or peers around it’s impossible; you need to find a timeframe for yourself alone.

Yourself alone.

Not everyone is a morning person, I  also experimented working late a night (when everyone was sleeping) , however I reached the conclusion is better to complete the “Thirst Things” in the morning.

Typically (unless you are very determined) it’s difficult to always leave work at 6.00pm to go to the gym, or schedule to work from 10pm to midnight.
Your job, peers, kids or wife will put a lot of pressure to get also that timeframe.

Early in the morning there is no that risk; you will have 2-3 hours for yourself.
I understand this translates in  waking up before 600am (I wake up at 530am shooting for 8 hours sleep) but it’s a sacrifice to get your life back from the madness of the day, where everyone wants a piece of you, often for not important (at least for you) issues.

They must be the most important two hours of your life, necessary to refocus, giving a direction to your life.

You must see these 2-3 h as the timeframe allocated to stretch your comfort zone (The most dangerous place to be!); the rest of day must be dedicated to enjoy the, this time,  valuable comfort zone you created (with kids, wife, in the hopefully nice place you created).

First Things First,  always.