Why this BLOG? To (Easily) Conquer the 5 Goals of Your LIFE


According to a research by the University of Scranton 92% of people never reach their New Year’s goal.

92%…well…almost NOBODY.

I don’t think you and me (BTW…who am I?) need the University of Scranton to tell us that most of us are not able to reach our goals and dreams of our life.

But we still think that, in the end it’s not so important, tons of useless things are, that in the end time is almost infinite…that we will always have time to reach our goals.
I have a bad news, time is not infinite and we are going to die: either we work now on our goals or never.

And for many goals it’s already late and there is no way back.

Becoming a NFL superstar?
Sorry…too late.
A Formula 1 driver?
Nope…too late.
An Olympic medalist?
I don’t think so…too late.
A Worldwide famous singer?
Also on this one I am pretty sure….too late.

Think about it.

You will never be one of those because you let time goes by without  working towards those goals.

And now it’s too late, you will never be able to catch up, you will die without reaching your child dreams.

Regrets? Feeling sad?

Very good…that was my target, and that’s exactly the starting point of this blog and adventure. I won’t be able to bring you back in

In this blog I will explain how to conquer (and easily) the top 5 goals in life without planning, overthinking and failing.

Goals Free

Reaching your goals naturally…freely…how to be goals free because you will reach them naturally.

This blog is about money, freedom and happiness.

Here I will show you how to fix the 5 Goals WMJHH:

WHERE: Living in the place of your dream
MONEY: Be financially independent
JOB: Escape the 9-5 life of cubicle slavery for…well…nothing…
HEALTH: Be healthy, eat better…exercise more…lose weight
HAPPY: Think outside your box and stretching that comfort zone that keep you stuck in your city, state, country, sad life etc

Keep reading…sounds familiar the pattern below…?


• Single… broken
• The girlfriend…then married with one or two income..
• The first car…the second…
• The restaurants…
• The oversized fancy home…
• The thousands of gadgets that we think they make us happy
• The expensive two weeks vacation where we cannot relax one second 24/7 connected
• The commuting, the traffic… Day in day out
• Horrible places to live
• The cubicle
• The boss, the colleagues
• Spending most of our lives doing things we don’t care at all
• Spending most of our lives with people we hate
• Considering ourselves a big failure as a person
• Constantly living with that heavy sensation on our heart
• The money that seems to be never enough
• The fear to get sick and not having money for medical coverage
• The fear to die without doing something on our bucket list…well…or not having a bucket list at all or (even worst anymore)…no goals, emotions, feelings, interest


Yes, because one day, according to every statistics worldwide, this time 100% of us are going to die, and there is nothing you and me can do about it.



Why…? Why it must be in this way?

Because we think it MUST be in that way:

Go to school, get good grades, find a good job, buy a house in a nice middle class neighbor, two cars, two kids, retire, die…hopefully not in a nursery home or in misery having given all of your money to some nice and charitable health insurance company.

what we are missing here is Live well in the process…live fully your live….BE HAPPY
Instead most of the middle class people live miserable, fully embracing the points above with 92% of goals gone.

Are you one of them?
Most likely yes, if you are reading this blog…

The solution is simple reaching the Ideal Case as soon as possible…the perfect combination of WMJHH.

At which stage are you?

Keep reading…