Why the Writer Block simply does not exist

Sometimes it’s hard…

Writing can be difficult.

Or the easiest thing,

Writer block right?

Block of what?

Of the hand?
Or of the brain?

Why the Writer Block simply does not exist.

I don’t have blocks on what I love, you should have not either.

I can, right now write for hours, days, months.
Maybe not like Hemingway but like me, talking about what I love.

If I have to write about what I love, this comes natural, fluent, because I have tons of things to say..and I want to see all of them.

That’s why the Writer Block simply does not exist.

If you are blocked is because you have nothing to say, you are not interested in the topic.

If you love playing tennis, you will play it. If you are not playing it right now is simply because you don’t like it, not because you don’t have time or your body cannot.

Same for the writing (or speaking)

We should write because we have something to say, not something to fake, to build up to meet our audience, because we need readers.

We do need readers because we do want to be read but, first and foremost, we do need to have a message to convey, to share, to debate.
A message that ignites something in your readers, that makes them think, wish to be better, or simply create a small revolution inside their soul.


I know I know…already seen…but I love this pic

We discussed about it.

How to save them, to invest them…to reach financial independence (if this is what you want)

Then what?
Retire from you bad and evil  boss…uh uh poor you…

And what you are going to do with all that saved time ?

Retiring to do what?

Listen, if money is the only thing you are  looking  for and blogging is what you think is the solution you should stop write now writing and reading the tons of blogs bragging they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Yes you can make money blogging.


  • You must have some good message to convey (otherwise why  should I read you
  • You must have some fundamental on how to market you blog
  • You must have sincere interest on other similar blog and interact with them
  • You must put the work…real work


You can get a job to flip burgers and be sure you can make more $$$-hour.

Excluding some exception of very first comers (but with very strong valuable messages like Steve , very hard workers (100+h/week like Michelle) , mediocre blogs who were able to get visibility on top 10 blogs worldwide (too many unfortunately)  not many bloggers make tons of money.

Just relax

Just write what you really believe in.
What you would like to talk for hours, days…
What you would like others to  listen.

From suggestion on investing  in mutual fund, to how to build a giant castle made of Play Doh.

It doesn’t matter the topic.

As long you write about what you love and convey a valuable message.

Enlighten other people with your gifts. your achievements, your energy.

Open their eyes like many other blogs, books, magazines, websites, people opened yours and mine and changed us forever.

No, you cannot have NOTHING to say.

You are much better than that.

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