How to avoid to die young

You don’t want to end up like this

How often do you exercise…?


Five thousands steps per day?


Do you know your are going to die soon this way?

Human beings like every other living species are made to use their body daily.

In a word…at least to move it…

But still….think about the life of most of us today: getting on the car to go to the office, 8-10 h glued at our desk on the computer, back home in the car, couch, bed…repeat.

The results?
Overweight…in awful shape…sick and dying early:

  • Physical inactivity may increase the risks of certain cancers.
  • Physical inactivity may contribute to anxiety and depression.
  • Physical inactivity has been shown to be a risk factor for certain cardiovascular diseases.
  • People who engage in more physical activity are less likely to develop coronary heart disease.
  • People who are more active are less likely to be overweight or obese.
  • Sitting too much may cause a decrease in skeletal muscle mass.
  • Physical inactivity is linked to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels

But you already know it…right?

And often when I ask “Why don’t you exercise” the classic answer is I don’t have time!
Again and again, the only way to have time is to make it and stick with the schedule .
You don’t have time for exercising but easily you can allocate everyday 2 or 3 hours to surfing the net or watching TV!

Exercising must be in your schedule for many reasons:

1) Decrease probability of contracting most diseases
2) Losing Weight
3) Feeling Generally Better
4) Getting Energized
5) Reducing Stress
6) Meditation moment
7) Good way to listen to your preferred music or podcast
8) Great Example for your spouse or kids

Just do it

Schedule a timeframe and a plan and stick with it.
Pick whatever sport or exercising you prefer.
Personally I like walking, running and fast weight lift for the major muscles (in many Gym they have room dedicated to this Express Circuit where you makes 2 series for about 30 min).

If you never exercising before start small, and increasing over the time.
Take a personal trainer if you really needs a motivation, however on the Internet you can find many blogs of schedule, training and also people in your city hanging around to exercise together.

In my case exercising comes pretty natural because I love doing it.

But what if I absolutely hate exercising?

Here is the bad news: you must do something for your body, that you like it or not.
If you absolutely hate physical activities at least walk.

Walking (or running) should be in every training program.
Walking at least 30 minutes a day is mandatory to keep the body active; you should never forget this.
We are human bodies machines and like every machine we need to keep basic functions and walking is one of them.

Start today and you will never regret it.

Why diets don’t work? How to try to lose weight differently

You don’t want to end up like him…do you?

It’s February my fellow readers.

How many of you are still following that fantastic 500 calories a day diet no fat, carbs, sugar nothing…?

How many of you already lost tons of Kg, stones, lb etc etc?

None right…?

Ok…we are talking now…

Why diets are not working

I am not a dietologist or an expert in the field.

What I can tell based on my experience is that I tried many diets, I am in a pretty good shape (normal weight BMI even thought I was lightly overweight for a couple of years) and  I read a lot of books, articles, whatever on the losing weight topic coming to 3 conclusions:

1) Diets say everything and its contrary.

Eat low carbs….no low fat…no low sugar…skip lunch…I mean dinner…no beer only wine…I mean only red wine…pasta yes…pasta no…mediterrean diet is great…wait but bread is not good…only white rice diet…the nutrition pyramid is the mantra to follow…well but so many carbs etc.

Ad nauseam

Have you ever wondered why there are so many theories and buzzs around losing weight?


Yes…the old sweet money….

Nothing else.

Food industry (and its derivate) is the biggest industry in the world.

What I mean with derivate?

Everything that orbits around food:

1) Food packaging, transportation, fertilizer, infrastructures, real estate, (btw do you know that the real business of Mc Donalds is Real Estate and not burgers)???  , commercials etc.

2) Health care related to food. Abuse of food generated diseases…diseases generated trillions of money to treat them.

3) Gyms. Most of the people going to Gym is there to lose weight. No fat on our waist no big dollars in Gym owners.

4) Dietary Supplements for weight management: zillions of dollars spent every year in those products (I wonder with which results…)

2) Relying only on Calories Balance is wrong

Use calories in a correct way

How many times did you hear the following equation ?

Calories In = Calories Out + Exercise + Weight Gain

It seems simple…making sense.

Eat less, move more and you control the weight.

This is only a part of the equation.

This because not every calorie is the same.

Or better…not every calorie has the same effect on your body:

e.g. a calorie you get eating  an almond is processed differently by your body  vs a calorie you get from carbs like bread)

Additionally reducing Calories In has a direct impact on Calories Out because our body has the natural tendency to reduce the Calories used (Calories Out) in case it starts receiving less Calories In (it’s a natural process of avoiding starvation and death).

I don’t want to go into the details since I am not a Doctor and the argument is long and complex  but I might suggest you some interesting reading from Dr. Jason Fung like The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting.

Again, I cannot say Dr. Fung Theories are the Undeniable Truth but they do give a different interesting prospective on diet, food, diabetes and some common mistakes.

I personally used some suggestions like Intermittent fasting and I got benefits both from general feelings (e.g. more energy, less bloated) and losing weight  (2-3% of my original weight..again I was not particularly overweight when I started).

2) There is  too much emphasis on exercise and not enough on resting.

Do you sleep enough?

Exercising seems the panacea for losing weight.

I have a bad news…it’s not.

It might help but it is not.

In one hour run (that I am pretty sure you don’t do it daily) you are going to burn around 600-700 Calories.

Half an hour and it drops to 300-350 Calories.

Considering now the  total budget of 2000 Calories for someone who tries to control his weight.

Three hundreds calories are 15% of the total. (20% if he is on a 1500 Daily Calories budget).

Or…do you know how many calories there are in one pizza?

Download the app MyFitnessPal and  play with it…

One pizza?

Roughly 820 calories (yes you would need to run for 1h 15min to burn it).

Drink two beers (230 Calories) or a couple of glass of wine and you just drank your run.

Watch out I am not saying you don’t have to exercise.

You must on the contrary because exercising have tons of benefits.

I am just saying that the contribution of exercising  on losing weight is much less than you think unless you run very long distances (marathons or ultramarathons (I can tell you based on my experience that when you run 50-60 miles per weeks (90-100Km) you definitely lose weight).

What about resting (sleeping)?

Everyone associate sleeping as a synonymous of laziness.

Executives shows their budget of productivities claiming that they sleep only 4 hours  per nights!

What losers…

Sleep is an important modulator of neuroendocrine function and glucose metabolism and sleep loss has been shown to result in metabolic and endocrine alterations, including decreased glucose tolerance, decreased insulin sensitivity, increased evening concentrations of cortisol, increased levels of ghrelin, decreased levels of leptin, and increased hunger and appetite. Recent epidemiological and laboratory evidence confirm previous findings of an association between sleep loss and increased risk of obesity.

I am not the one of stating it but Professors from the Department of Medicine, University of Chicago.

Similar study are everywhere out there but nobody is talking about it?


Lack of Money.

There are no money surrounding the statement Sleep more (and without pills or whatever external help) while there are tons of money around saying Do that and buy my products in the process. 

If you are still unconvinced I suggest you a great book on the importance of sleep:

Why we Sleep (from Prof. Matthew Walker).

Below is quick look at the Professor and his theories on other benefits of sleeping (and the damage of lack of it).

So what now?

Are you confused?

Losing weight is a complex equation that involves:

  1. What we eat,
  2. How much we eat,
  3. How much we sleep,
  4. How much we exercise,
  5. When we eat.

Society is pushing toward an exaggerate diet mostly based on highly processed carbs with the results of an epidemic of obesity.

Conversely (especially in the USA) we see people eating low fat diets , new gyms popping up everywhere, many people panting trying to reach the 10,000 steps on their brand new bracelet but we see those same  people severely overweight and dying of hearth attack or developing diabetes 2 in their 40s.

There is something wrong here…and usually when you cannot find a logic answer to a solution just follow the money*

Did you follow the money?


Here are  my suggestions:

  1. Watch out the Calories In-Out balance (I personally use and love the App MyFitnessPal (free with some Premium features) . This is one important step but  not everything.
  2. Drastically reduce carbs like bread, pasta rice etc.  and highly processed food.
  3. Eliminate white sugar as much as possible
  4. Exercise seriously (at least 1h 5 times of weeks of aerobic activity)
  5. Try some intermittent fasting to regulate the insulin in your body (e.g. 16:8  or more aggressive Warrior Diet).
  6. Read Read Read. Try to get some exposure to books, article, researches from independent and entitled professionals. The mantra here is Do not follow the money.
  7. Track your weight daily: where you focus results appears…Don’t forget to track your weight for one month and discover you are 10 lbs (5Kg)  heavier.
  8. If you can eat at home. Not only you will save a lot of money and learn something fun but you will drastically reduce the processed food you ingest and improve the quality of the ingredients.

*Let me ask you…what is the food with highest content of Vitamin C in the world…the Orange right…? That’s what most of the people think but it’s not true…have you ever wondered why?

SOTB 2019 (State of the Blog 2019….what else?)

Provided we are in SOTU period here it is my SOTB.


19 Posts
15 in 2018 (from end of april when Freedom was born)
4 in 2019

I know I know…too few…
I need to be disciplined here…2019 target is to publish every Saturday and dropping here an there some additional posts.


Last 30 days:
2334 Visitors
4220 Visits

Mostly from the USA, Germany, Holland, France and China.


  1. The Blogger Dilemma: The Difficult Art to Exist (on the Internet)
  2. Why this BLOG? To (Easily) Conquer the 5 Goals of Your LIFE
  3. Where do YOU want to live? Living in the BEST place in the World (Hint: it’s not the U.S.A.)

Not very active but I am not very surprised since:
1) Traffic is still too limited
2) Most of My blog posts doesn’t really leave a lot of room to comments, questions
3) I think people prefer to comment on twitter, facebook etc instead of directly on the blog

I am not surprised the Blogger Dilemma reached the top spot since with the proliferation of the blogs more and more people are somehow disappointed and disillusioned from the lower than expected traffic in their blogs.
The post brings back on the basics: i.e. creating value.
The post in second place very likely had several visitors trying to understand what the blog was about.
I have to say I was not surprised of the post in third position since most of my readers seems attracted by topics such retirement, where to live and they are from the U.S.A.


As of today my blog is entirely ads or affiliate links free meaning that my annual revenues in 2018 were (drum rolls please …$0$)
As I wrote in the past: Filling my website pages with Random computer generated Google Ads suggesting you some Shrimp Antonia Bag Pink Size One it is simply not for me.
In 2019 I will start some experiments suggesting you to use great tools like Personal Capital to keep tracking your finances is something I really believe into it like in other products I do really use and enjoy on a regular basis.
Keep you updated!


In late November I started the Twitter account linked to this blog and I am having a blast to read all the interesting comments and post of my fellow bloggers out there.
In few weeks I was able to reach over 100 followers (20% in my opinion are only real followers).
I also opened a Facebook account linked to this blog but I do really think blog + Twitter is enough so far as main communication channel.

WHAT IN 2019

1) Publish every Saturday no matter what
2) Start some experiments in monetizing the blog
3) Extend to other social channel (e.g. Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest)
4) Being published by some media
5) Reach 10K Visitors/mo 20K Visits/mo

While always (trying to) create some value for you.

Talk to you at SOTB 2020!